What is the best type of office flooring?

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Your personal workspace at home is where you’ll spend a large portion of your time. Especially if you are a telecommuter, freelancer or an entrepreneur who works permanently in your office. So it’s only natural that you want to feel comfortable while creating a calm and peaceful environment that helps you focus ‘like a boss’. However, you’ll also want a professional and inviting look for the office. An eternal dilemma?

Comfortable and professional flooring for the office

Not necessarily! If you carefully choose your office flooring, you can combine the best of both worlds. Do you want a stunning, comfortable floor that makes your home office urge you to work, while looking professional and always squeaky clean ? Not to mention 100% resistance against the wear and tear typical of a working environment? Discover these perfect floors for the home office.

Why you’ll love a Quick-Step floor in your office:

work in style
You know that cozy ‘home sweet home’ feeling while working? She is perfect for dealing with everyday stress. So how about choosing a floor that enhances the true sense of home office? Warm colors and natural look: Quick-Step offers a wide range of flooring options laminated it’s from vinyl you can create a perfect workspace. A home office you’ll love working in!

ideal for work
In many offices around the world, wheeled chairs leave deep marks on the floor, in addition to spilled coffee all over the place. Protect your home office from these problems: Quick-Step laminate and vinyl floors feature multiple protective layers. Plus, thanks to patented Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technologies, smudges and scratches are now a thing of the past.

Easy to clean and no time wasted

From your high-end laptop to your nearly worn-out calculator, you’ll likely have your favorite office tools at your fingertips to help you get to work that much faster. Quick-Step floors follow that premise… Anti-static gaskets, waterproof coatings and insulated floor surfaces, for example, let you clean your office faster than ever before. You’ll be back to work quickly.

Extremely easy to install

Since you already work so much from your home office, add this task to your to-do list as well: install your new home office flooring yourself. We guarantee that you will be able to install it quickly and completely as intended. With patented technologies Uniclic It is Uniclic Multifit, you’ll apply your flooring like the professional you already are in your home office, choose Flooring refinishing in St John’s


Quick-Step floors are extremely versatile, which means they can be used throughout the home. Plus, thanks to a wide variety of designs and styles, classic or modern, there’s a Quick-Step floor for virtually every room in your home.

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